Professional worker installing solar panels on the roof of a house

As the world focuses on protecting the environment and ensuring a reliable energy supply, community-led renewable energy projects have become a promising solution. These projects involve communities working together to produce clean, sustainable energy, giving residents a sense of ownership and responsibility. While the benefits of renewable energy are clear, ensuring their success requires a secure and dependable connection.

In the heart of Dénia, a historical coastal city in the province of Alicante in Spain, a community of residents united by their desire for sustainability embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to embrace the sun's energy and reduce their collective energy footprint. With a spacious communal roof and an ideal orientation, the installation of photovoltaic solar panels seemed like a natural choice. However, the success of this initiative hinged on the ability to remotely manage and optimise energy consumption. To achieve these objectives, the need for reliable, secure and efficient connection was identified.

To meet the requirements of the installation, which demanded a Wi-Fi connection for remote management and optimisation, the team decided to deploy the CSL Router, equipped with two Roaming SIMs. This choice was driven by the stability it offered: two SIM cards, each linked to different mobile network operators, which ensured that in the event of signal loss from one provider, the second SIM would automatically activate, preserving an uninterrupted and stable connection.

This proactive measure not only removes potential interruptions in remote management to the cloud and optimisation of energy consumption but also strengthens the reliability and overall efficiency of the photovoltaic system, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

Furthermore, to enable remote access for maintenance of the solar panels, a secure VPN connection was established. This functionality not only simplified maintenance tasks but also improved operational efficiency by reducing the travel time of the maintenance company.

The successful implementation of CSL's connectivity solutions has completely transformed the experience of managing the photovoltaic installation of this urbanisation in Dénia. In addition, thanks to the CSL IoT Platform, it is now possible to monitor and supervise the consumption and status of the CSL Router, as this platform provides real-time data, which together with the photovoltaic management cloud information allows informed decisions to be made to optimise the performance and efficiency of the installation.

The collaboration with CSL has been instrumental in ensuring stable and secure connectivity, contributing significantly to the success of the community photovoltaic installation in Dénia. This case stands as a testament to the power of the right connectivity solutions in facilitating the efficient management of renewable energy projects, transforming the experience, and ensuring positive long-term outcomes.

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