IoT SIM Cards

The Internet of Things is estimated to reach 29 billion devices by 2030.

New use cases, such as EV Charging and Smart Farming are at the forefront of demand given the current global environment. By 2025 we expect there to be 150,000 devices connecting to the internet every minute. The need for reliable and secure IoT connectivity has never been higher.

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What is an IoT SIM Card?

Unlike traditional SIM cards, IoT SIMs connect devices rather than people. There are currently 15 billion connected devices worldwide, performing diverse tasks across a broad range of industries.

What they all have in common is the need for secure IoT connectivity.

IoT SIMs using cellular connections have extensive coverage, are easy to deploy and can be remotely controlled. This enables devices to send and receive data non-stop, no matter the task or location.

What are IoT SIM Cards Used For?


Reliable, Secure, Competitive. We designed our SIM cards specifically for IoT devices. They use our patented roaming technology, and are "unsteered". This ensures your device always connects to the strongest network available.

It is crucial to secure the sensitive data sent to and from IoT devices. This can be health data or payment details, so the highest standard of security is necessary. We provide a security measures secured at an AES-256 Encryption.

There is a currently lack of consensus over form factors labels in the industry. We offer data plans that can be customised to fit your requirements. If you need a SIM for an IoT project or a SIM for a security camera, we can accommodate you.

Types of SIM cards

  • 2FF

  • 3FF

  • 4FF

  • MFF2

    Embedded SIM

    Embedded SIM

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