By 31st January 2027, the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) will be switched off, disrupting many industries. Traditional landlines and voice services currently supported by PSTN will need to be switched to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), before the deadline. 

VoiceLink is the ideal solution for lift alarms, found across retail, local councils, hospitals and business premises. It can also upgrade emergency phone lines that are present in many high-risk environments such as motorways, national grid sites, and petrol forecourts. 

There are 14 million lines and channels across the UK, with 7 yet to be upgraded. 

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What is VoiceLink?

VoiceLink converts PSTN calls to 4G VoLTE, ensuring analogue systems are future-proofed and can continue to make voice calls. The solution creates a bridge between the old and new technology, and allows existing devices to continue working after the PSTN Switch-Off.

Our solution will ensure that end user systems remain uninterrupted, ensuring business continuity and/or public safety is not compromised. VoiceLink is a lower upfront investment compared to alternative solutions and creates a recurring revenue stream, growing the value of any business.

With VoLTE, users can call and have fast data transfer at the same time, which leads to cost savings and increased efficiency. Moreover, sound quality is often an issue in many high-risk sites, as well as lifts. VoLTE enables high-definition voice quality which is essential to providing reassurance for whoever is making the emergency call.

How Does the PSTN Switch-Off Affect You?

Preparing for the PSTN Switch-Off

A guide to Voice communications for critical solutions in a post-PSTN world.

Whether you’re a business owner, technical engineer, maintenance manager, or simply someone keen on staying ahead, we’ve curated essential insights to prepare you for the switch-off and beyond.

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