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VoiceLink converts PSTN calls to 4G VoLTE, ensuring analogue systems are future-proofed and can continue to make voice calls. The solution creates a bridge between the old and new technology, and allows existing devices to continue working after the PSTN Switch-Off.

VoiceLink is the ideal solution for lift alarms, found across retail, local councils, hospitals and business premises. It can also upgrade emergency phone lines that are present in many high-risk environments such as motorways, national grid sites, and petrol forecourts.

Converts PSTN calls from auto diallers and PABX to 4G VoLTE.

Provided with a CSL roaming SIM as standard. Additional resilience included with 2G and 3G backup in case of loss of 4G.

Battery Backup
Provided with 8 hours standby or 2 hours talk time, in the event of power loss.

Plug and Play
Easy and quick to install. No reprogramming of existing equipment required.

See links and information below for technical support, guides and installation videos.