IoT Routers

The number of connected devices worldwide will double by 2030. This is due to recent advances in processing power, memory, power storage, and internet connectivity.

By 2020 the average UK household member had access to as many as 9 devices. As the PSTN Switch-Off approaches and services move to the All IP network, the need for routers using SIMs has never been higher.

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What is an IoT Router?

An IoT router, also known as an IoT gateway, connects multiple devices to the internet in a network. They enable a flow of data back and forth from a user or data centre to a device or system. 

All IoT routers send data from one place to another. What varies is the amount of data sent, the technologies used and the levels of security. 

IoT Routers can send any amount of data, depending on the configuration. Some routers utilise mobile networks via a SIM, whilst others send data via wired broadband. In the professional IoT market, routers are often set up to use multiple paths to provide increased reliability and avoid downtime. When we move towards the industrial sectors where connectivity is 'critical', fully managed and encrypted solutions like CSL Router Pro are required to meet standards and avoid cybersecurity issues. 

CSL IoT Routers

Connected. Secure. Live.

The routers we provide keep your devices connected whatever the situation. They are 4G enabled, making them ideal for when a wired connection is unreliable or unavailable.

We understand that security is of the highest importance so we ensure the data being sent to and from your devices is encrypted. We have several options to choose from and they are all ready to be used for a wide variety of applications. Whether you need connectivity on a farm in a remote area or for a smart energy management project, our routers can meet your requirements. Our Routers offer: 

  • A combination of 4G, LAN & Wi-Fi connectivity for increased reliability and redundancy. 
  • A VPN provides encrypted, remote access to the router. 
  • Professional and self-monitored options are available.
  • Arrives pre-configured for quick installation.
  • Supplied with the appropriate monthly data SIM bundle. 

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