IoT Routers

Your gateway to an always-on, resilient connection

Our routers seamlessly connect IoT applications while ensuring the utmost security through a secure private network.

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Why Choose CSL for your IoT Routers?

Our versatile range of 4G and 5G routers are tailored to meet your critical connectivity needs, ensuring the continuous protection of your data and ensuring your IoT devices are always online. We offer fully managed single or multi-path solutions, which provide you with the confidence to manage any life, mission, or business-critical IoT application. 

By combining reliable fixed, 5G and 4G connectivity with advanced security features and remote management capabilities, our IoT routers empower businesses to optimise their IoT deployments.

  • Cyber-secure, resilient connectivity
  • Fully managed service options
  • Tailored solutions to meet customer requirements
  • Public or private APNs
  • High uptime (24/7 - 365)
  • Fast deployment
  • Award-winning support

What we offer

Our unique, managed router offerings provide the optimal level of control, configuration, security, and monitoring for any IoT use case.

Connectivity for any life, mission, or business-critical IoT application.

Protecting some of the world's largest brands

  • Reliability

    Equipping your IoT devices with the right connectivity solution is crucial for ensuring the smooth operation of your business. CSL’s router offerings utilise a combination of fixed line, 5G, and 4G routers, to offer a reliable and secure way to connect your devices to your datacentre, the cloud, or a monitoring centre. Many of our router offerings offer 4G failover, ensuring resiliency if your primary connection goes down. goes down. This redundancy prevents costly downtime, especially critical for businesses like shops and factories that rely on constant connectivity.

  • Security

    When transmitting confidential customer information or monitoring critical infrastructure like a water reservoir, our routers prioritise IoT security. CSL will work with you to ensure the right security is applied, utilising private APNs and private broadband to keep your traffic off the public internet. Additionally, all our router offerings can utilise VPNs and data encryption to further safeguard the data being transmitted. Without robust security measures, businesses risk exposing themselves and their customers to data breaches and other cyber threats.

  • Control

    Our IoT routers often work seamlessly with Connectivity Management Platforms (CMPs). These platforms provide businesses with valuable insights into network usage and stability, allowing for proactive monitoring and troubleshooting. CSL can also facilitates remote access to the router, and any device you connect to the router, through a number of fully secured methods including VPN. This is a significant advantage for industries like water, security, and energy management, where on-site maintenance can be expensive. 

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