Concept Smoke Screen is a company with almost 50 years of experience in the use of artificial smoke systems. Like CSL, Concept Smoke Screen are members of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), making them experts in what they do.

Concept Smoke Screen uses high-powered fog cannons to create a visually impenetrable barrier to confront criminals. These fog cannons can hide people and property, whilst also providing minimal disruption to businesses. Intruders, unable to steal what they can't see, are prompted to leave immediately. The fog is harmless to people and electronic equipment and leaves behind no residue when it dissipates.

Concept Smoke Screen selected CSL Router to provide secure, reliable connectivity across their network of security fog solutions. These systems, with remote access available via the cloud, can be relied upon 24/7. Communication with the cloud is vital for networks involving multiple devices.

For example, a large shop could have a network that integrates multiple Smoke Screen solutions within a conventional alarm system, all of which would be connected via the cloud and monitored remotely.

CSL Router enables remote support, which means that businesses have secure access to their system status at all times. Our IoT routers have the ability to monitor whether devices are online and will know immediately if a device has been triggered. This makes it easier to determine false positives and reduces the calls to sites for maintenance. Big brands, such as Tesco and Boots have implemented Smoke Screen solutions in selected locations, and have seen a positive impact.

A high street chemist experienced loss through their retail park locations, situated on the edge of town. All conventional security means were rendered inept against the problem, and losses were increasing; however, after implementing smoke screens in over 200 stores, burglary rates dropped 70%.

A national supermarket chain decided to install smoke machines in their high target area: the tobacco counter. Now, this chain has over 1,000 Smoke Screen solutions installed in their stores across the country. 

Burglaries are considered crimes of opportunity, which means there are often no warning signs, and the theft is over in a matter of minutes, sometimes even seconds.

Concept Smoke Screen’s solutions using a CSL Router enable rapid deployment with no need to wait for installation and connection to wired internet. This is ideal for premises which are in need of a new crime prevention system after a break-in. The solution can immediately be deployed, preventing further incidents that could occur while a wired system is being installed. Remote access makes flexible configuration even easier, whilst keeping your connection secure.

“We chose CSL as our connectivity partner to ensure the secure end-to-end transmission of data. We are deploying our systems into high-risk sites and as with any security application we must use the best available connectivity. Including a VPN with each CSL Router helps to add the highest levels of security to each connection and gives our customers peace of mind that the overall solution is fit for purpose”.  

Matt Gilmartin, Managing Director, Concept Smoke Screen. 

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