Satellite critical connectivity
Joe Sheppard CSL - Head of Marketing
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At CSL, we've been working in Critical Connectivity for over 25 years, but what does it mean, and why is CSL trusted by companies from across Europe?

What is Critical Connectivity?

It's all in the name… connectivity that's critical. If the connection were to be disrupted, it could result in the shutdown of services, loss of business, and even the loss of human life.

Critical Connectivity ranges from security and alarm systems to critical infrastructure such as water companies, gas pipelines and wind farms. Critical Connectivity is vital in today's technologically driven world.

Not only is the technology critical (I wouldn't enjoy a world with no water treatment facilities!) but the connection itself is vital and needs to be reliable and secure, with minimal (if any) downtime. 

CSL partners with major Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), utilising their connectivity, combined with our managed service, to ensure we deliver a reliable solution, with an always-on service. This service includes (but is not limited to) monitoring the solution, its usage and updating software proactively.

CSL is not limited to 4G, 5G, broadband or satellite – in fact, using a combination of these technologies can help make a reliable solution to guarantee a connection. 

Combining Technologies

At CSL, we're currently in the process of testing (with success) the capabilities of our 5G SIMs and Routers, and we look forward to soon announcing the upgrade to 5G where possible. But what about the areas with no mobile coverage? This is where Satellite connectivity comes in.

Where there's no network coverage available, Satellite systems are filling the gaps. Companies such as Starlink are providing the IoT world with the option of satellite coverage.

We offer tailored packages to suit your Internet of Things (IoT) requirements. This can include private broadband solutions, backed up by a 4/5G SIM. An ideal solution for those that require 100% uptime.

When using back-up SIMs with a CSL Router, the switchover happens automatically and seamlessly. Once we resolve any issues or downtime, the solution then switches back to its original settings afterwards.

We have a solution for any critical IoT connectivity business need!

Not sure which to choose?

We understand it can all be quite daunting when selecting a connectivity option, so we have broken it down for you below in our handy connectivity guide:

  • 5G is the fastest wireless technology, great for systems that have high data usage e.g. streaming remote CCTV footage, and downloading images and or video files. 

  • 4G, or 4th Generation, whilst slower than its upgraded 5G, is still considered exceptionally fast. We can reach download speeds between 10 and 30mbps, depending on coverage, and a latency of 150 milliseconds. (For reference, it takes humans 250 milliseconds to react to visual stimuli). Suitable for applications used in healthcare, telecare, automotive, and transport industries, including electric vehicle charging and ANPR parking. 

  • Satellite is beneficial in areas with no terrestrial connectivity (network coverage) such as oil rigs in the ocean, agricultural technology in rural areas, or people who live on the Isle of Man!

  • Broadband is an excellent option for when you have a static connection point. Ideal for large-scale applications, such as monitoring CCTV across multiple locations. Broadband is faster than any other connection, and the best choice when sending reams of data.

How do our clients use Critical Connectivity?

We have clients across a multitude of sectors and industries using our technology.

We work closely with the Fire and Security industry - our alarm signalling connects over 80% of the high street. Everything from retail to banks, supermarkets to privately owned businesses, we help everyone.

We're also working in the Telecare industry to improve the lives of those considered vulnerable and at risk. Working with district councils, private limited companies and telecare organisations, CSL is working to enable elderly and/or vulnerable people to remain within their homes for as long as possible.

There's a reason why CSL is highly trusted by over 8,000 companies across Europe, managing over 2.5 million critical connections.


Thousands of companies across Europe trust CSL and for good reason. We're the leading providers in Critical Connectivity, supplying an always-on service, with both technical and IoT support always available 24/7 to assist in an emergency.

We make Critical Connectivity easy, providing secure, reliable services for customers old and new. Our team are ready and happy to help! Contact us to find out more.