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Having been founded over 40 years ago as a family business based in the North West, today Black Box provide fire and security solutions to commercial, residential and public sector clients across the UK. Black Box is a fully accredited BAFE (SP203) Fire Alarm System Service Provider with an extensive portfolio of installations. On every one of these systems, Black Box install the highest grade of professional fire monitoring with connections into an ARC. As part of this, they are installing GradeShift Pro Fire as standard for all new and existing customers.

GradeShift Pro Fire is a DP2 graded, radio/radio dual-path signalling solution. It uses two active 4G WorldSIMs, each with their own radio module, one as the primary and one as the secondary path. A third standby SIM acts as a backup to the primary SIM on the primary path. As a tailor-made fire signalling solution, GradeShift Pro Fire also offers the faster catastrophic failure reporting time of 31 minutes. In addition, with analogue telephone (PSTN) lines soon to be redundant, Black Box are using GradeShift Pro Fire to upgrade any legacy systems that rely on this older technology.

EN54 certified monitored signalling forms an essential part of a fully compliant system, that can report any faults or issues in a much shorter period, providing peace of mind for customers. The addition of the My Base App for remote configuration changes, allows Black Box to manage its entire DualCom Pro signalling base.

“GradeShift Pro Fire provides us with an ideal dual-radio, EN54 alarm signalling solution. It enables us to install to the latest and highest standards, whilst overcoming any on site issues we may face such as no availability of IP or PSTN connections.”

David Barnes, Managing Director of Black Box