Edg Security has a reputation for providing quality and reliable security solutions. They have been entrusted with jobs that have included a well-known property of royalty in the heart of London, as well as the BBC’s DIY SOS - The Big Build. 

Edg Security switched their alarm signalling provider as they needed a more flexible and reliable 4G  connection. Following issues with their previous provider, Edg security and the team have had nothing but positive experiences with CSL. Previously, they had issues with GPRS failures, due to the main SIM being locked to a single network provider. This has been avoided with DualCom Pro 2’s 4G Roaming WorldSIM, which will select and connect to the most suitable network operator in the vicinity. Dual-radio variants use 2 network-diverse SIMs to ensure if the primary SIM fails the secondary SIM can take over. For further reliability, all Radio options have a backup SIM, should the main paths completely fail.

An even better service is offered by combining the DualCom Pro 2 Range with the My Base App. My Base provides live alarm logs and delivers event triggers, in real-time. This has enabled Edg to respond to issues far sooner than they could before. One example of this was during a break-in of a 5-storey building in Coventry. With these real-time alerts, it was possible for Edg Security to locate the exact whereabouts of the break-in based on SIA3 info being transmitted from the panel on-site to the App. Accessing the info was crucial for supporting the police and was made even more effective by how the App made this process so simple.

Both DualCom Pro 2 and the My Base App have been integral to maintaining their reputation for providing quality and reliable security solutions.

Richard Edginton, Director of Edg Security, had this to say “I’ve been chased by Danielle Smith for a few years to try out DualCom, so finally gave in around a year ago and have really not looked back, it’s a great product.”