4G Router Solution for CCTV London


CSL provided CCTV Camera London with the CSL Router which offers rapid deployment on multiple semi-permanent CCTV installations where instant mobile connectivity was essential.

Following a review of the requirements with CCTV Camera London, CSL were able to determine the appropriate SIM for their usage.  A package was designed based on the contract length and data usage for the stalls inside the event where there are lots of stock and cash transactions.


The pre-configured Router overcame the challenges and cost implications of digging up the road to get a wired broadband service in place. It was configured, tested and shipped by CSL in time for the opening of the annual London event and remotely monitored around the clock. As this event takes place for just 6 weeks CCTV Camera London only required the Router as a short-term solution for their customer. Due to the success, CCTV Camera London have decided to keep the Router for future installation.

By choosing CSL, CCTV Camera London were able to take advantage of CSL's full support package. A strong partnership has been established and both companies are looking forward to continuing to working together in the future.

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