Council Elderly Care IoT Solutions

North Hertfordshire District Council are responsible for upholding a dependable service to those most vulnerable within the county, to help them stay independent in their own homes, with help on hand should they require it.  Ensuring that they have a reliable solution in place to manage the data traffic through to their Careline service continues to be paramount. CSL were able to offer the Council the highest level of data security to give them peace of mind they needed. It was for this reason that the Council chose CSL as their sole provider of secure connectivity for any traffic sent through their Jontek Answerlink system. This system is the information technology backbone of the assistive technology provision of the Council's Herts Careline service.

The partnership with CSL has supported the council in their digital switchover from older analogue connections to the new Mobile IP connectivity. As a consequence, they have been able to embrace the change and take advantage of the benefits that enable them to provide a better service to vulnerable people. CSL’s Private APN and IPSec VPN ecosystem create a private network for all data sessions into the Councils’ Jontek system. This connectivity provided by CSL ensures that there are two independent paths for data to pass through to their system via CSL SIMs, offering further redundancy. In the event of one path being faulty or unavailable, a signal will still be sent via the second path, guaranteeing a unique level of secure, encrypted connectivity, 100% of the time.

“Thanks to CSL’s support, technical expertise and experience, NHDC is confident that its Careline system is secure and reliable for the thousands of vulnerable people we support across the county and beyond. We are now also fully prepared and future-proofed for the digital switchover".

David Martins-Hesp, Assistive Technology Manager, North Hertfordshire District Council 

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