CSL established their partnership with Careium over 10 years ago and since then, have been their preferred supplier of ‘unsteered’ Roaming SIMs. These SIMs are utilised by Careium in many of their different static and mobile devices and are currently installed across multiple regions including the UK and Ireland, Benelux, the Nordics and central Europe.

Careium is provided with CSL’s patented Roaming Algorithm across all their devices, ensuring that they will always roam to the strongest available mobile network. Moreover, their partnership extends to encompass working together to produce new firmware, assisting Careium with their expansion into new territories with the same SIM. Additionally, through a monthly audit, CSL and Careium work together to ensure that their SIMs are billed correctly and aggregate any over-usage. CSL also monitor the SIMs to ensure that none have been used fraudulently and to prevent any faults on the system. 

CSL is invested in supporting the upgrade of the TECS Sector from analogue to Mobile IP and offering the highest level of data security. CSL’s Private APN and IPSec VPN ecosystem create a private network for all data sessions between TECS devices and the Monitoring Centre. Careium benefits from CSL’s IPSec for both delivery of their Dispersed Alarms, as well as the delivery to their alarm management software. CSL’s service ensures that any data sent from any of Careium’s systems or devices are secure, giving them the confidence, they require to ensure that vulnerable people are always protected.