GradeShift Pro 4

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Wireless 4G dual-path signalling at any grade, with unrivalled management tools. Our dual-path signalling solution utilises a combination of two Radio paths or one Radio and one LAN path to signal an alarm. Each SIM operates on an independent network from the other for total resilience. GradeShift Pro 4 is also compatible with CSL Live and the My Base App. 

GradeShift Pro 4 Radio/Radio uses two active 4G WorldSIMs, each with its own radio module, one as the primary and one as the secondary path. A third standby SIM acts as a backup to the primary SIM on the primary path. GradeShift Pro 4 LAN/Radio uses LAN connectivity for its primary path and a 4G WorldSIM as its secondary path. A standby WorldSIM is also supplied.