30 March 2017


This month Simon Banks talks to Dave McKay, Managing Director of AFA Fire and Security Ltd. AFA is a leading independent service provider for Security and Fire Systems providing services across the whole of Scotland.

Today many Insurers are putting the responsibility of Risk Assessment onto the Installer. What is your approach to this to ensure you are covered?

Put simply, we always fit a system that we know is exceptional and safeguards our customers’ needs and requirements. We listen to the customer and then fit the best equipment we can. We never cut corners and never fit inferior equipment. Use the best and you will be the best!

90% of your signalling estate consists of Dual Path systems. What has driven this?

We ensure that we always install the correct system and one which is right for our customer. We know we can then develop and upgrade this system to a higher standard when and where this is needed. It’s imperative that an installation is fit for the risk profile. If the wrong grade is installed and something goes wrong, the Alarm Company may be liable as the Risk Assessor. Making our customers aware of how easy it is for the grade of signalling to increase due to a change in circumstances ensures they have the opportunity to upgrade their system and only pay for the service they require. This ultimately reassures their experience with AFA.

You recently reached the milestone of 1,000 signalling connections. How was this success realised?

Growth has been our focus and in order to achieve this we needed supply partners who could meet our needs every time. In this instance we needed a signalling solution that could alleviate some of the issues we were experiencing at the time. Since we started working with CSL our DualCom platform has increased rapidly whilst allowing us to reduce the running costs of our signalling estate at the same time. This has been vital to our growth. 1,000 DualCom connections is an accomplishment that we are very proud of and we hope to continue to build on this partnership in years to come.

How important are the recurring revenues associated with a signalling estate to AFA and your success?

This has become increasingly vital for our business. We have to ensure we have good recurring revenue alongside our focus to reduce our running and maintenance costs. To develop the amount of growth we have achieved over the short period we have had to ensure we are cost effective in our development plans. Our goals and aspirations are to be the best and hopefully with the on going support from our supply partners we will continue to succeed and develop.


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