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10 August 2022


PSTN Switch Off to Digital

CSL talks with Security Journal UK about the growing urgency on Installers to move their PSTN lines to Digital.

CSL has featured in one of the industry’s leading voices on Security, where we outlined the All IP project, and how this will drastically affect any Alarm Installers who have a large base of connections using outdated and unreliable PSTN (analogue) connectivity.

Those who choose to ignore the growing urgency will leave themselves, and their customers, open to risks as we get closer to the 2025 cut-off date when all PSTN services will be closed down. Between now and 2025, exchanges could stop providing their analogue services at any time, leaving any customers with systems reliant on this to experience alarm fails. 

Click here to read the full article and find out why Installers should act now to avoid the chaos of leaving it too late!

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