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15 March 2016


We are proud to announce that CSL have been approved to a Police Preferred specification by Secured by Design (SBD). 

The Police initiative focuses on designing out crime for new and refurbished domestic and commercial premises.

SBD work with UKAS accredited test houses to ensure a product reaches a high level of security. CSL was awarded Police Preferred status after passing stringent independent standards and tests nominated by the Police service. 

CSL recently supported the Secured by Design Training Day, an event designed to update Police staff and consultants on the latest crime trends, manufacturer innovations and industry standards. Simon Banks Group Managing Director of CSL updated delegates on the changing risk on the high street. He demonstrated the CSL Smartphone App which has been designed to offer installers visibility on their installed base.  It’s powered by the Gemini platform which can be interrogated to provide vital timeframe and site data that has been used to assist the Police in identifying deliberate attacks on protected premises.

Simon commented "The UK’s police response to remotely monitored alarms is the best in the world. The annual charge for police response for an intruder or personal attack alarm represents unmatched value. Police preferred status provides end-users with an additional level of reassurance that a system’s architecture has been devised and crafted to in such a way to design out crime and make life more difficult for the bad guys." 

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