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14 June 2019


The Latest Standards Updates – What You Need To Know!

The latest updates to EN and UK standards came into effect on the 1st June 2019. This includes the following standards:




In line with this, CSL made all the necessary changes to our entire signalling range (DualCom, Emizon and WebWay) to ensure compliance with the Single Path (SP) and Dual Path (DP) performance criteria as outlined in the tables below.

OLD ATS Grade |(EN50136-1:1998

Grade Catastrophic failure reporting
Grade 2 25 hours
Grade 3 60 mins
Grade 4 6 mins

New SP/DP Equivalent 

Grade Single-path Dual-path Catastrophic failure reporting
Grade 2 SP2 DP1 25 hours
Grade 3




31 mins

11 mins

Grade 4 DP3 4 mins

Where required, we have increased our polling times to meet any increased requirements for catastrophic reporting times of the SP or DP equivalents. We are aware that there may be some level of confusion for Installers regarding these newer grades. Our advice is that anyone looking to install to the older Grade 4 standard should now refer to the new DP3 standard. Many of the CSL products now outperform the older standards because of the required polling upgrades made as part of this.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact us 

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