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25 April 2018


Dahua and CSL

CSL are delighted to announce Dahua Technology as their latest Connected Partner. Dahua are a leading solution provider in the global video surveillance industry. 

The CSL Router is now compatible with Dahua’s range of CCTV systems, providing an upgrade for any existing broadband service to an Instant Private Network, reliable 4G Connectivity when wired broadband is unavailable or a combination of both.

CSL’s Sales Director, Rob Evans, commented: "We are delighted to announce Dahua as our latest Connected Partner, supporting us in delivering reliable instant connectivity for CCTV Installations. Our expertise in the Alarm Signalling market puts us in a great position to provide the secure delivery of data for the CCTV sector.”

Dahua’s Head of Marketing, Ben Perkins, commented: “Dahua Technology is committed to being a market leader in collaborative systems by working with the best manufacturers and solution partners in the industry. We’re excited to be able to add the benefit of CSL’s 4G connectivity for our customers, further increasing the flexibility of our systems.”

Since its launch, the CSL Router has already provided hundreds of Installers and their end-users with a rapidly deployable connectivity solution for their CCTV. The CSL Router is GDPR ready and fully encrypted at every point via the CSL Gemini Global Platform, which removes the vulnerabilities of hacking and guarantees your data is kept safe.

Click here for more information about the CSL Router 

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