15 January 2020


CSL have announced Ajax Systems as their latest Partner for SIMs.

A Managed Roaming SIM will now be supplied with all Ajax hubs, providing secure connectivity and the ability to roam to 2G/3G on all major networks.

With a CSL SIM included in every box from the distributor, there is no need to order one separately. The Installer simply activates the SIM by logging into the CSL M2M portal and selecting the Ajax specific bundle. Once connected, the installation will be covered by the secure Gemini Global Platform for total security. CSL’s roaming technology ensures the best connection possible, wherever you are installing.

CSL’s Sales Director, Rob Evans, commented: “CSL SIMs provide a unique level of secure connectivity and we are delighted to now provide these in partnership with Ajax Systems. It is part of our ongoing commitment to provide our customers with the latest solutions to support their businesses.”

Ajax’s CMO, Valentyn Hrytsenko, commented: "Ajax aims to provide security professionals with the most responsive service and reliable technological solutions. Thus, we’re pleased to announce the strategic partnership with CSL, the absolute leader in secure connectivity in the UK."

For more information please contact:

Rob Evans                                                                  +44 (0)7775 444195

Sales Director                                                  


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