11 January 2019



Bringing you the Total Resilience Network

Over the past 6 months the CSL Network Team have been implementing a new design for routing diversity at every level as well as a hardware refresh in all our data centres to build more resilience and reliability into the DualCom network. The majority of the upgrade programme will be complete by the end of January, but the benefits don’t stop there. Customers will see a substantial improvement throughout the year. The programme of works when completed will have the following benefits:

  • Each CSL data centre has two or more encrypted communications links from different providers, so the loss of a single link will have no impact to service.

  • Every CSL data centre is now interconnected via four or more bi-directional transit links, in addition to the existing direct communication links. This means if a data centre was to lose all its direct links, it could continue to operate by rerouting traffic over the transit links to another data centre.

  • In the event of a loss of a link, the auto failover reroutes traffic within seconds. Even if CSL were to lose one of our entire data centre sites, normal operations could continue.

  • Investment in Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) peering with mobile network operators. Unlike basic VPN links, this protocol between CSL and mobile network operator routers ensures a much higher level of performance for stability, reliability, latency and packet loss. If any route becomes unavailable or degraded, BGP will automatically work around this. 

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