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28 August 2015


Apprentices for Fire & Security is your one stop shop for future talent - upload your vacancy now!

Apprentices for Fire & Security has been created to encompass the 100 in 100 apprentice drive, the Engineers of Tomorrow Competition held annually at IFSEC and the Government's Trailblazer initiative. Encouraging more Apprentices into the industry will help to close the skills gap and keep salary costs at a reasonable level. 

With the right career planning and succession path, apprentices can become a prized asset instrumental to the future of a business. If you are looking for an apprentice you can place your vacancy free of charge on to be matched with potential candidates.

The initiative was founded by Simon Banks, Group Managing Director of CSL DualCom in 2011 and is supported by Skills for Security, IFSEC International, NSI and SSAIB. In the four years since its conception, Apprentices for Fire & Security has placed over 3,000 16 to 24 year olds into careers within the security sector ranging from engineering, IT, product design, marketing, sales and many more.

Banks commented, “The widening skills gap is pushing up the salary costs for skills in our sector.  Eventually this cost will become untenable and will ultimately damage and restrict businesses.”

The initiative caught the eye of the national press in its inaugural year and also captured the attention of the British Government which led to a roundtable at Westminster with former Skills Minister Matthew Hancock. Most recently CSL DualCom has joined the Trailblazer Employer Group for the Industry.  The Government initiative focuses on employer-designed apprenticeship standards to ensure apprenticeship training and assessment directly meets industry and business needs by 2017. 

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