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DualCom Pro Panel Guides

Panel Connection – Serial RS232

Manufacturer Pyronix
Model Euro
Version 46

Minimum DualCom Pro Firmware

DualCom Pro: V2.24
DualCom Pro 2: V2.0.1
Minimum Panel Firmware V9.10ar or greater for V10, use Pyronix Euro guide
Cable required? Lead Provided with DualCom Pro
Panel Profile Pyronix-Euro-RS232
Panel Bus Connection RS232
Technical Notes See below

Panel Connection Information

Manufacturer Panel Connection Cable/Plug On Supplied Cables
Pyronix Euro/Enforcer RS232 6 Pin (cable removed) Green - RTN
Blue - RS232-R
Red - RS232-T

serial cable

Panel Programming

  • Go to “Engineer Mode” > Programme ‘ARC/SMS’ or ‘SMS' call
  • ‘ARC/SMS is’ will be displayed. Select ‘Enabled’ [0] > Select ‘ARC Details’ > Select ‘Format’ [141],
    ‘WebWayOne’ will be displayed
  • Select ‘SIA Ack Char’ [006] >Select ‘SIA Nack Char’ [021] > ‘Valid Areas’ Engineer’s choice
  • ‘Area Accounts’ Engineer’s choice > Select ‘ARC Account’ (Site ID/Account No.)
  • Select ‘Content’ [17-32] Engineer’s choice (25 and 28 enable restores, see full table in
    troubleshooting below)
  • Select ‘Redials’ [03] > Select ‘Time out’ [30] > Exit “Engineer Mode” into “Day Mode"

Hints and Tips

  • To stop the panel reporting line fault to the keypad
  • Engineer Mode > System Timings > Set Line fault to 250

Remote Access Programming

  • Go to ‘Set up Downloading’ > Select “Download” by (WebWayOne) > Select “Poll Timeout”
  • Select “Modem Unit Timeout” <060> > Select “Rings To Answer” <1>
  • Select “Comm. Tx Timeout <030> > Select “ARMPC Telephone Number” (not required)
  • Select “Program PCs” <1> > Select “Signal Alarms” (No) > Select “Signal Faults” (No) > Select
    “Signal Set/Unset” (No)
  • Select “Signal Access Code” (No) > Select “Password” (optional UDL password) > Select
    “Redials” <03> > Select “Time Out” <00>
  • Enter 1111
  • Press YES until Program PC 1 and enter 1111 again