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DualCom Pro Panel Guides

Panel Connection – Serial RS232

Manufacturer Pyronix
Model Euro
Version 280
Minimum DualCom Pro Firmware DualCom Pro: V2.24
DualCom Pro 2: V2.0.1
Minimum Panel Firmware V9.54d
Cable required? Use the FPRS232 module and use a standard 3 wire cable
Panel Profile Pyronix-Euro-RS232
Panel Bus Connection RS232
Technical Notes The FPRS232 module can be bought from Pyronix themselves

Panel Connection Information

Cable Module
RS232-T FPRS232 - RXD
RS232-R FPRS232 - TXD

Panel Programming

  • Enter “Engineer Mode” > Select “Program ARC/SMS” > Select “Calls”
  • Set “ARC/SMS” to “Enabled” [0] > Select “ARC Details” [1] and set “Active” to “Yes” [1] > Set
    “Format” to “WebWayOne” [141]
  • Set “SIA Ack Char” [006] > Set “SIA Nack Char” [021] > “Valid Areas” is Engineer’s choice > “Area
    Accounts” is Engineer’s choice
  • Set “ARC Account” to “Site ID/Account No” > Set “Content” [1-32] Engineer’s choice
  • Set “Redials” [03] > “Set Time Out Seconds” [30] > Set “Test Calls” Engineer's choice
  • Exit “Engineer Mode” into “Day Mode”

Remote Access Programming

  • Go to ‘Set Up Downloading’ > Select “Download” by (WebWayOne) [4]
  • Select “Poll Timeout” [10] > Select “Modem Init Timeout” [060]
  • Select “Rings to Answer” [1] > Select “Comm Tx Timeout” [030] > Select “Comm Dial Timeout”
  • Select “UDL Tx Timeout” [02] > Select “ARMPC Tel No” (Leave Blank)
  • Select “Program PCs” [1] > “Modem Tel No” (Leave Blank)
  • Select “Signal Alarms No” [0] > Select “Signal Faults No” [0] > Select “Signal Set/Unset No” [0]
  • Enter 1111
  • Press YES until Program PC 1 and enter 1111 again