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DualCom Pro Panel Guides

Panel Connection – MCM

Manufacturer Pyronix
Model Euro/Enforcer/PCX
Version Pro 1 Min V2.33 Pro 2 Min V2.07
Minimum DualCom Pro Firmware DualCom Pro: V2.33
DualCom Pro 2: V2.1.0
Minimum Panel Firmware V5.1
Cable required? N/A
Panel Bus Connection MCM Min V 2.05
Technical Notes For UDL the CSL Remote Manger needs to be V1.6.3.0 or greater

Panel Connection Information

PSTN A DualCom Pro 1 - MCM plug-on module - Line A
DualCom Pro 2 - DI
PSTN B DualCom Pro 1 - MCM plug-on module - Line B
DualCom Pro 2 - AL

Panel Programming

  • Go to Engineering Mode
  • Go to programme Digi/SMS call
  • Select Disable Digi/SMS <0>
  • Select ARC Details <1>
  • Select Active
  • Select format SIA (Option 129)
  • Select first number <01666111>
  • Select second number <01666222>
  • Select valid areas (select areas to be reported)
  • Select stop on success (yes)
  • Select ARC account
  • Select content 1-16 (recommend 1-5, & 7-13)
  • Select content 17-32 (recommend 21-25, 27-30, & 32)
  • Select redials <03
  • Select time out <15>
  • Select test calls (No)

Remote Access Programming

  • Enter engineer mode and press NO till “SET UP DOWNLOADING?” is displayed, press YES.
  • Download by (None (0)) is displayed, press 1, Download by Modem (1) is now displayed, press YES.
  • Security Mode (Auto Answer (0)) is displayed, this is correct. Press YES.
  • Telecom Line (Dedicated (0)) is displayed, this is correct. Press YES.
  • Number of Rings to Prime (01) is displayed, this part is irrelevant so can be left at factory default. Press YES.
  • Modem Speed (High (1) is now displayed, this is correct. Press YES.
  • ARM PC telephone number 123456
  • Continue pressing YES until Programme PC’s is displayed, press yes, PC1 is now displayed, enter
  • Panel programming is now complete, come out of engineer menu to save changes

Hints & Tips

To stop the panel reporting Linefault to the Keypad: Engineer mode > System Timings > Set Linefault to 250