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DualCom Pro Panel Guides

Panel Connection – MCM

Manufacturer GSD
Model GSDi-2-70-GSDi-10-70
Version V2.17 or greater
Minimum Panel Firmware V2.12.43
Panel Profile GSD-GSD170-TTL
Panel Bus Connection TTL
Technical Notes

See below

Panel Connection Information

DualCom Pro GSD Colour
Pin Out 1 Power and RTN Black Wire
Pin Out 2 TTL-T Yellow Wire
Pin Out 3 R-TTL Blue Wire
Pin Out 4 + Power Red Wire

Panel Programming

  • Panel default Installer code: 6666
  • Panel default User 1 code: 1111
  • Enter “Engineer Mode” on the panel using the engineer code
  • Navigate to “Installer Menu” > “Communications” > “Alarm Rx Centres”
  • Select “Communications” > “Alarm Rx Centres” > “Al. Rx. Centre 1” > enter “Menu”
  • “Communications” > “Alarm Rx Centres” > “Al. Rx. Centre 1” > Name: Enter an ARC name
  • “Communications” > “Alarm Rx Centres” > “Al. Rx. Centre 1” > “Account code” > Set the
    account code to the ARC account code”
  • “Communications” > “Alarm Rx Centres” > “Al. Rx. Centre 1” > “Format” > choose “Contact
    ID” or “SIA”
  • “Communications” > “Alarm Rx Centres” > “Al. Rx. Centre 1” > “Connection 1” > “Phone
    number” and enter the # symbol
  • “Communications” > “Alarm Rx Centres” > “Al. Rx. Centre 1” > “Events” > “Alarms” > Select
    the types of alarms you wish to be reported to the ARC
  • “Communications” > “Alarm Rx Centres” > “Al. Rx. Centre 1” > “Events” > “Other events” >
    Select the other event types you would like to be reported to the ARC

Hints & Tips

A recommended minimal selection of Alarm Events would be: ‘Set and Unset’, ‘Inhibits and Overrides’, ‘Tampers’, ‘Mains Power Faults’ and ‘Battery Faults’.