Local Authority Smart Energy Management


The Local Authority required an alternative site connectivity solution allowing continued central management and monitoring. With the BEMS being disconnected, the only cost effective way to monitor them was to develop a managed “mobile based” network solution that could be simply deployed at sites by the Local Authority’s own energy engineering staff. The short timescales to source, prove and deploy the solution were a major challenge to overcome.


The Local Authority worked collaboratively with CSL to rapidly prototype and provide a workable solution for each boiler type over a period of just two weeks. To support the various boiler types, CSL offered the Local Authority a secure private network solution consisting of IoT/M2M routers together with a range of flexible, aggregated data tariffs and multi-network SIMs. Additional intelligence was designed into the solution allowing the router to always use the best available network based on performance, as well as providing antenna ancillaries to maximise the on-site mobile signal quality. 


Quick deployment of the solution was a critical requirement for Local Authority. Within one month of engagement with CSL, a solution was agreed and contracted. The pre-configured IoT/M2M routers were provisioned, configured, tested and shipped by CSL to the customer for self-deployment within their own defined project timescales. The Local Authority were able to complete the rollout within their own schedule with increased flexibility on subscription charges as they were only due once a site had successfully come on-line and been commissioned. The comprehensive design work and consultative approach carried out in the early stages allowed the Local Authority to focus their attention on their own core areas of expertise, whilst CSL delivered the complex networking activities behind the scenes. All devices are now remotely monitored round the clock and supplemented with full business hours technical support.


“The CSL solution has allowed us to provide a quick and simple solution to our clients, whilst eliminating the need for additional cable runs and associated asbestos surveys. The after sales support we have received has also been invaluable with CSL helping resolve a number of technical queries to help ensure our connections were optimised.”

Senior Energy Officer, Local Authority 

“The development of this solution posed some challenges due to the unique nuances associated with the BACnet protocol used by the boiler control systems. Within 2 weeks we had developed a proof of concept and together with the Local Authority, deployed it to a test site. We worked hand in hand with the client throughout the planning and implementation phases to ensure a smooth and successful rollout.”

Jon Shipp, M2M Director, CSL

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