IoT Connected Lock Digital Smart

Neop is a leading European supplier of connected locks, lighting management and access control systems, for use in commercial buildings such as sports grounds, manufacturing premises, storage facilities and community centres. These systems require ultra-secure, reliable connectivity to ensure they can be remotely managed, configured and accessed safely. Neop needed to ensure that their solutions provided maximised access for users, without compromising on security. Therefore they sought a connectivity partner who could ensure reliability and resilience. For this, they chose CSL. 

CSL's expertise in mission and business-critical connectivity systems gave Neop the confidence they needed. Having successfully partnered with security specialists across Europe and with over 25 years of experience in securely connecting devices, CSL were the trusted choice.  

CSL provided Neop with the WorldSIM. A Roaming 4G SIM, connected via CSL's private and ultra-secure Gemini Platform, allowed Neop to ensure the connection to their systems was as secure as the solution itself. The additional resilience it provided was the ability to roam on any network, based on the best signal available at each installation. This ensured maximum uptime but also saved time and administrative costs associated with using SIMs from different providers depending on the location. 

Benjamin Laporte, CEO, explains: "We were looking for a connectivity provider who could not only provide us with a flexible and manageable SIM-based solution but also guarantee the highest levels of reliability and security. Connectivity has become a crucial part of our business model and without it, our systems cannot function correctly or could be vulnerable to misuse. Partnering with CSL has given us the confidence we need to continue to deliver our solutions to our customers, knowing they are protected and accessible whenever they are needed". 

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