Smart Warehouse Solution Indoor Positioning

Since 1986, Justice Fire and Security has built a strong reputation for keeping people safe. To continue to deliver service and systems of the highest quality, they need to ensure they have the best products available to overcome any challenges they face. One challenge that Justice is regularly facing, is the lack of LAN connectivity on sites. During recent installations at a warehouse, a GP surgery and a factory, each site had no wired internet connection for the dual-path alarm signalling system. This, alongside the fact that PSTN is no longer a viable alternative due to the UK’s All IP project, means they need an alternative, and reliable, solution for their dual-path signalling systems.

For these instances, Justice has selected GradeShift Pro Radio/Radio. It uses two active 4G WorldSIMs, each with their own radio module, one as the primary and one as the secondary path. A third standby SIM acts as a backup to the primary SIM on the primary path. Each SIM operates on an independent network from the other for total resilience.

This solution offers dual-radio, dual-path signalling on all the latest DP Grades. GradeShift Pro is also compatible with the My Base App, providing Justice’s engineers with total control of the system during and after the installation. The additional benefits of UDL and the CSL Remote Manager programme means that each system can be accessed remotely for any testing, updates or maintenance.

“GradeShift Pro Radio/Radio is a great product that we are using more and more for both our new installations and upgrades. The dual-radio option means we don’t need to ask the customer to provide us with a LAN point, which can often cause delays and frustration”.

Dave Sanders, Managing Director, Justice Fire & Security