Equestrian Security Camera Case Study

They were looking for a solution that provided peace of mind especially during foaling time – where the animals can often need emergency support. The stable had no broadband and the owner lived on a separate site away from the location.


Glendale Security Systems were provided with a CSL Router which offered wireless Connectivity with remote access. The site itself had no wired broadband available and to install a dedicated line would have been very expensive. The CSL Router provides secure Connectivity via a 4G SIM – offering a cheaper alternative whilst ensuring security was not compromised.


Instant deployment of the solution was a critical requirement to monitor the stables. The pre-configured Router was provisioned, configured, tested and shipped by CSL to Glendale Security Systems. The installation was completed easily and quickly – with only a power supply required to set up the Router. This quick install avoided any further disruption to the animals – whilst also saving the Installer and the end-user valuable time. The Router was then remotely monitored around the clock and supplemented with full business hours Technical Support.

Eladon’s Shetland Ponies were especially thankful for the CSL Router following the birth of a foal to one of the centre’s oldest mares. When the foal was born she decided to jump into the water bucket and couldn't get out. Had it not been for the CCTV system, and the remote access provided by the CSL Router, the staff would not have been alerted. Luckily the owners were able to get there within minutes to the relief of the panicking mother. Since having the CCTV system installed, the staff at the centre have spotted a few different incidents that needed their immediate attention.

“One of our new-born foals decided to jump into a water bucket and couldn't get out. Had it not been for the CCTV cameras and remote access CSL provided, the foal would have drowned.”

Elaine Glenn, Eladons Minature Shetland Ponies