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Michael Edwards CSL - Information Security Manager
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In today's interconnected world, cybersecurity is vital, especially for businesses and organisations that rely on Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices like industrial sensors, smart manufacturing equipment, and remote monitoring devices.

According to Forrester Research's "The State of IoT Security, 2023" report, IoT devices were the most frequently targeted devices for external attacks, surpassing both mobile devices and computers.

These devices, often deployed in remote locations, are vulnerable to cyberattacks if not properly secured. That's where secure IoT SIMs and routers can provide a multi-layered security approach to prevent attacks.

The Foundation of a Secure IoT Network

Cybersecure IoT SIMs can provide a foundation for safeguarding sensitive patient data and medical information in the rapidly evolving world of telehealth and connected healthcare. As more medical devices, such as wearable health trackers and telemedicine platforms, become interconnected, the need for cyber-secure SIMs to protect against cyberattacks becomes increasingly critical.

A Private APN (Access Point Name) enhances data security between devices and the network by creating a dedicated, isolated network for data transmission. This private network functions separately from the public internet, effectively shielding data from unauthorised access and external threats. By isolating data traffic, a Private APN offers several security advantages:

Restricted Access: Only authorised devices or personnel can connect to the private network, preventing unauthorised devices from intercepting or accessing sensitive data.

Enhanced Data Privacy: Data transmitted within the private network remains isolated from the public internet, reducing the risk of data exposure or interception.

Customizable Security Protocols: Organisations can implement additional security measures, such as firewalls and encryption, to further safeguard data within the private network.

By implementing cyber-secure IoT SIMs, organisations across diverse sectors can provide an added layer of protection to their IoT devices networks from cyberattacks to safeguard their sensitive data and ensure the seamless operation of critical IoT devices.

Eliminating Public Access: Shielding IoT Devices from Discovery and Attack

Many cyberattacks on IoT devices originate from scanning public IP addresses. Attackers probe for vulnerabilities and attempt to exploit misconfigured or outdated devices, often leading to data breaches or unauthorised access.

A significant advantage of using our cyber-secure SIMs and routers lies in their ability to operate on private networks. By employing private networks, cyber-secure SIMs and routers effectively eliminate the risk of public address scanning. IoT devices become invisible to external attackers, significantly reducing the attack surface and preventing unauthorised access.

CSL’s cyber-secure IoT Routers can act as gatekeepers for your IoT network, ensuring that only authorised devices can connect. These routers employ advanced security features, including firewall protection, access tracking, and VPN capabilities, to create a secure network perimeter.

CSL's Cyber Secure Solutions: Protecting Your IoT Network

As experts in Critical Connectivity, CSL provides secure connectivity for every solution offered, and the encrypted routers supplied by CSL play a crucial role in enhancing the security of IoT networks. They create a secure tunnel for data transmission, and the VPNs shield your network from prying eyes, preventing data interception and unauthorised access. Here are some of the key benefits of CSL’s Cyber Secure SIMs & Routers:

✔️ Private networks eliminate the risk of public address scanning.

✔️ All IoT SIMs are provided as standard with a private APN.

✔️ Enhanced data protection through encryption and secure protocols.

✔️ Prevention of unauthorised access and device manipulation.

CSL offers a comprehensive range of cyber-secure SIMs and routers designed to protect your IoT network. Solutions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of various industries, ensuring that devices and data remain secure, regardless of their location or application.

All CSL solutions are to an ISO27001 standard. This coupled with regular penetration testing and vulnerability scanning ensures we take a proactive approach to managing vulnerabilities and maintaining our security standards.

Cyber Secure SIMs and routers, coupled with the power of encrypted VPNs and APNs, provide a multi-layered approach to securing your IoT network. By implementing these solutions, you can safeguard your devices, data, and business operations from ever-evolving cyber threats.

Get in touch with one of CSL’s critical connectivity experts to discover how you can make your IoT device networks more secure.

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