MiniAir 2

Dimensions 30mm (h) X 45mm (w) X 15mm (d)
Weight 25g excluding aerial
Temperature -20°C to +60°C transit
Humidity 0 - 80% non - condensing

Any orientation

Warranty Please refer to our terms and conditions.
Power Requirement 12.0 v - 17.0 v (DC)
Current Consumption Quiescent = 15 mA
Signalling = 200 mA
Radio Path LTE-M & GPRS
Aerial 50 ohm (nominal) on MMCX socket
Operation Method Store and forward
CIE Interconnections 1 Digital Input, 1 Digital Output, Analogue (Dial Capture)
RCT Protocols Fast Format, SIA & Contact ID
User Serviceable Parts There are no serviceable parts within the MiniAir
Environmental Class II
Applicable Standards Suitable for use in alarm systems complying to: EN50136-1:2012 SP2
ATS Classification: EN50136-1-1:1998 ATS 1/Grade 2