The Portal

Empowering our partners with network visibility, status management and convenient ordering.

CSL offers our partners a wide range of functionality via an easy to use portal  ensuring you can order, view and manage your account quickly and easily.

From buying essential components to complete visibility of your base, our portals provide immediate, effective solutions to everyday challenges. Our in-house development team works continually to innovate, improve and streamline the web apps we deliver. All data is secured and backed up with an industry leading approach ensuring complete peace of mind for you and your customers.

csl portal ui

Gemini Insight

For our Fire and Security Installers Gemini Insight provides an in-depth overview of an entire signalling estate. With this information, customers have visibility on performance, signal strength and location based services. Installers and ARCs can search their base by grade, postcode, chip number or status. This helps to identify issues in the earliest possible instance, before they become a problem for the end-user. It is also available to download as a handy App.

Key features at a glance

  • ARC Ordering

    Enabling ARCs to streamline ordering across our entire range and manage connections and services with ease.

  • Installer Shop

    A complete e-commerce ordering platform enabling installers to get the parts they need delivered on time.

  • SIM Management

    SIM activation, management and testing all in one place to ensure efficiency across thousands of connections.

  • Status Reporting

    Analysing big data, measuring uptime, communicating with network operators and alerting customers.

  • Account Management

    Keep track of your account, with order status, invoices, delivery addresses and colleague permissions all just a click away.

  • Network Operations Centre (NOC)

    Dedicated Network Team analysing real-time network feeds from all of our Operator partners to proactively identify network issues.

  • Backed up and Secure

    Our platforms benefit from the latest advances in online security and Disaster Recovery solutions, ensuring total peace of mind.

  • Integration

    Range of API components that allow our customers to integrate their back office systems with our platform for seamless data streams.

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