09 December 2021


What are your predictions for the security industry in 2022? Are there any technology trends you think we will see develop, will there be more acquisitions and do you have any concerns for the sector going forward?

The biggest challenge which that the fire and security industry will face in 2022 is the move from traditional phone lines (PSTN) to the new digital voice service (All IP).  There are over 450 exchanges that have either entered the 'Stop Sell' phase of PSTN services or have been declared as an upcoming area for 2022. 'Stop Sell' impacts not only new supply but also the ability to make any changes on that line- for example, you cannot move to a different provider without upgrading to an IP service. 

Once your digital voice service is enabled, your old phone line will stop working and if this happens in an area with legacy signalling systems installed it is unlikely a security company will have the time and resources to get around these sites to ensure they are upgraded. 

With all of the leading industry bodies stressing about the importance of taking action now to avoid issues later, proper planning could see companies carrying out these upgrades in the calm of 2022 as opposed to the chaos of the years to come. 

John Coleman, Head of Sales UK and Ireland, CSL 

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