31 May 2022


The FIA has released guidance on how fire alarm Installers should respond to the UK's All IP Programme.

Some of the UK's most crucial life-critical devices will be impacted by All IP, including fire alarm systems. Therefore, the FIA (Fire Industry Association) has released advice to Installers of these systems about what they should do as we approach 2025. It is imperative these systems are not left without connection, in case a fire breaks out.

The All IP Programme is Openreach's project to remove all analogue signalling services by 2025 and instead change everything to a fully digital phone service. Fire alarm systems using analogue services to deliver alarms must be upgraded to a wireless solution. Failure to do so will result in the loss of alarm transmission, putting people's properties and lives at risk. This is particularly important for single-path devices. If a system has no backup, and the PSTN connection stops working, there will be no way to send signals, placing people at risk.

In light of this, the FIA recommends Installers take the following actions: 

• Identify which products are currently installed in their existing customer base, and which products have been installed by technician engineers.

• Contact device manufacturers and alarm receiving centres, to find out what products and services are All IP ready.

• Stop installing any systems that use technology (PSTN) that is unsupported on an All IP network.

• Plan to replace unsupported products as quickly as possible. There are a number of future proof, All IP compatible solutions that use SIM cards to send a signal instead of a phone line.

Millions of premises have already been affected by the All IP Upgrade Programme, with millions more expected just this year alone! It is important for Installers to start their upgrades now to avoid the inevitable chaos of rushing to get them completed before the 2025 deadline. CSL offer professionally monitored single and dual-path fire alarm signalling solutions, via our DualCom Pro 2 Fire variants.

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