11 September 2015


10 things you need to know about Fire Risk Assessment Enforcement Notices. 

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires those responsible for social housing to undertake a Fire Risk Assessment for all their properties. Failure to do so could result in the responsible person being issued with an Enforcement Notice by the Fire Brigade.

Here are 10 things you need to know about Enforcement Notices:

  • Failure to comply may mean that you have committed an offence.
  • If you are found guilty, you will be liable to a fine or imprisonment (or both).
  • Enforcement Notices identify failures under article 30 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.
  • Normally issued following a site visit and audit by the local Fire Authority.
  • You will need to review specific aspects of your Fire Risk Assessment.
  • Methods used to call the Fire and Rescue services all too often are not adequate.
  • Fire alarms linked to social alarm systems are often subject to Enforcement Notices.
  • The answer is not costly and does not involve replacing existing systems.
  • No additional telephone lines or line rental costs are necessary.
  • Any Fire alarm, Telecare and Warden Call system can be brought up to standard.
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