Scantronic i-on Interface Board Quick Guide & Instruction Manual


The Scantronic i-on Interface Board (CS0427) will plug onto any Scantronic i-on Control Panel and enable direct connection to a CS53xx DualCom GradeShift  UDL software version V3.14 (March 2014) or later, using the connection lead supplied.

When connected and enabled, the DualCom will send any Fast Format, Contact ID or SIA alarm messages generated by the panel. In addition, it will enable up/downloading between the panel and i-on Programmer software via the DualCom and the Gemini Platform (subject to installation of CSL UDL software and setup. Contact CSL Technical Support for more UDL information).

When installing the i-on Interface Board, please note the following points in addition to instructions in the DualCom Installation Manual:

  1. Before fitting the i-on Interface, locate the DualCom and apply power from the control panel to the ‘+’ & ‘-‘ terminals.
  2. Using the DualCom’s A & B buttons, set the serial port to ‘i-on Panel’- Press A until P appears on the display, then press B three times.
    1. Press A until P4 appears on display (‘4’ will flash), then press B 3 times.
    2. Press B to scroll through options until display shows ‘45’ (for the RS232 i-on)
    3. Press A to select this option.
  3. Once programmed, power down the control panel and DualCom then fit the i-on Interface Board onto the plug-on connectors on the control panel (see fig. 1a/1b) ensuring all pins are aligned correctly. Connect the supplied interface lead from the CS0427 interface to the DualCom RS232 port (see fig. 2).
  4. Apply power to the control panel, also powering up the DualCom. After 30 seconds the red LEDs on the i-on Interface Board will start to flash – showing data is being exchanged.
  5. Select the alarm reporting and up/download options on the i-on control panel as required (see Annex).
  6. Your panel and DualCom are now ready to test in conjunction with your ARC. If you are also using up/download we also recommended testing this before leaving site.
When the i-on Interface Board is fitted to the control panel, an i-on digi modem or other communication device cannot be fitted to the same i-on connector.

Interface LED Indication

LED Label Description
Yellow 232 LED Data being sent or received on the RS232 terminals
Green PWR LED The Interface is powered from the control panel
Red RX/TX LED Data being sent/received from the control panel

Annex – Alarm reporting menu on generation 1 (v 4.05 & Earlier) I-on & menvier panels and generation 2 (v 5.0 & Later) I-on panels

Annex – Up/download menu on the I-on control panel


To contact CSL Technical Support:
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