GradeShift UDL

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 21 mm (h), 132mm (w), 94mm (d)
Weight 140g including NVM and SIM
Temperature -20C to +60C transit, -10C to +50C operating
Humidity 0 - 80% non - condensing

Any orientation

Warranty 5 years
Power Requirement 9.0v - 30.0v
Current Consumption Quiescent = 20 mA
Signalling = 200 mA
LED Indications
Green Signal Strength
Yellow Com Status
Red Fault
Blue Ready
SVC Network Status
Radio Path 2G GSM and 3G GPRS services
Aerial 50 ohm (nominal) on MMCX socket
Operation Method Store and Forward (SIA) Pass Through (Fast Format/CID)
CIE Interconnections Input ‘pin triggering' (Parallel) 12 channels,
Analogue (Dial Capture), RS232 Serial, RS485 Bus
RCT Protocols Fast Format/Contact ID/SIA
Input Terminals  Max +30v, Min 0 Vdc (reference supply 0v terminal) 100k pull-up
resistor to +5v
Low Battery 9.8v falling, 12.0v recovery
Fault Output Changeover contacts (60v max, 100mA max)
Aux Output Normally Open contact, may be inverted
(60v max, 100mA max)
General Purpose outputs  Four. Each switched to 0v (30v max, 100mA)
User Serviceable Parts  There are no user serviceable parts within the GradeShift
Standards Suitable for use in alarm systems complying to:
EN50136-1:1998 Security Grade 4/DP3
EN50136-2:2012 SP3 (RADIO)
SSF 114 v2 Larmklass 2
EN50131-10 Type Y
ATS Classification: EN50136 ATS5/SP3
ATS 5 parameters: D3/M3/T4/S2/I3/A3
Environmental EN50136/EN50131 Environmental class II
Device should not come into contact with water
Emissions EN55022
Installation The CS5301-01 shall be installed by a service person and be
powered by a Limited Power Source in accordance with clause
2.5 of EN 60950-1 or equivalent, not exceeding the maximum
voltage of 30 Vdc, capable of delivering a minimum current of
200mA and be current limited (fused) to 1A. It shall be installed
inside an enclosure of another I&HAS component which shall be
that of a CIE conforming to EN 50131-3, or a PSU conforming to
EN 50131-6.

Figure 2 - LED Indications







Green GPRS Signal Strength Strong Signal Strength Acceptable Signal Strength Low Signal Strength, not acceptable LED off and Red Fault LED on indicates no signal
Yellow Communications Input is triggered or Dial Capture is in progress Sending a message to Gemini and ARC No communication is in progress Rapidly flashes to show successful communication
Red Fault Fault present see troubleshooting section NVM contains factory defaults No faults exist On for 2 seconds indicates communication failure


Unit is ready to send messages to Gemini and ARC


Unit is busy and not ready to send new messages

LED off and Red Fault LED on indicates programming file is yet to be downloaded (usually takes 5-8 mins from power up with good signal)
Service (SVC) (next to aerial socket) Network Status N/A

SIM card registered on network

There is insufficient power or no power connected to the DualCom

Rapid flashing indicates unit is not registered to network