Grade 3 Boxed Power Supply 1 Amp Quick Guide

Quick Guide and Instruction Manual

This product is suitable for use in systems designed to comply with EN50131-6-2017, PD6662-2017 at Grade 3 and Environmental Class 2. It is a Type A power supply. Rated Output = 1.0 Amp


  1. Mount the metal enclosure onto the wall.
  2. Connect the Live, Neutral and Earth terminals to the un-switched fused spur.
  3. Connect the 0V, tamper and fault outputs to the control panel as appropriate (see control panel manual for details).
  4. Connect the 12V power output to the system.
  5. Ensure that the tamper switch is connected to the PCB.
  6. Fit the battery(s).
  7. Switch on the AC supply and confirm that the ‘EPS’ LED is on. Check the Status LED, see table below.

1 Blink Fault on battery connected to BATT1 connector Check connection and battery.
If connected battery is correct press the LEARN button
2 Blinks Fault on battery connected to BATT2 connector Check connection and battery.
If connected battery is correct press the LEARN button
Fast Flash The LEARN button has been pressed. The battery configuration has been ‘learnt in’
Slow Flash The battery(s) (APS) are charging Wait 24 hours and confirm battery(s) are fully charged
Off Battery(s) is fully charged


External Power Supply (EPS) (AC Supply)

The power supply has a three way terminal block for Live, Neutral and Earth connections, and is
protected by a 20mm anti-surge fuse rated at 230V, 1A. A replacement fuse MUST be the same type
and rating.
Mains Earth is connected to the power supply screening and metal enclosure; but is isolated from the
0V output.

Tamper Output

This voltage free output is connected to the Tamper Connector. These terminals will be shorted when
the tamper switch is closed.

Fault Outputs

Three voltage free fault outputs and LEDs are provided to monitor for External Power Supply (EPS)
fault, Auxiliary Power Supply (APS) fault and a PSU fault:

Green LED goes out and Relay contacts open if: Green LED goes out and Relay contacts open if: Green LED goes out and Relay contacts open if:
AC power fault Battery voltage lower than 10.8V Output voltage low
Unit powered down Unit powered down Unit powered down
Thermal Shutdown Battery load-test fault
Output over voltage fault Battery not connected

All Relay contacts open and all LEDs out = total power down.

12V Power Output

Terminal blocks are provided to connect to the system. The “Rated Output” current is the maximum that can be drawn from the PSU’s ‘Power Output’ terminals. This is shown in the ‘Current Available’ section.

Auxillary Power Supply (APS) (Batteries)

Two battery connectors are provided marked BATT1 and BATT2.
A battery MUST be fitted to the BATT1 connector, and the LEARN button MUST be pressed.
A second battery MAY be connected to BATT2 connector.
This power supply is compatible with 7Ah and/or 8Ah Sealed Lead Acid Gel batteries.

Battery Protection

The battery and electronic circuitry are protected against reverse polarity connection and overcurrent conditions by a self resetting electronic fuse. The battery is also protected against deep discharge, which will be invoked when the battery terminal voltage has dropped to 10.8V.

Battery Monitoring

The battery(s) are individually monitored for low voltage disconnection and load test.


This unit is to be used by service personnel only; there are no user serviceable parts. No maintenance is required other then routine periodic testing and replacement of the standby battery.

PSU Rating

Power supplies conforming to the new European standards (ENs) are specified differently from older designs. The “Rated Output” current is the maximum that can be drawn from the PSU:

  1. With a mains supply and flat standby batteries (that are being recharged), and...
  2. With no mains supply (batteries only).

The “Rated Output” is shown in the ‘Current Available’ section.

Current Available

The Rated Output current shown in the table below is dependent upon the capacity and number of batteries fitted.

In all cases, it is assumed that the system sends a ‘Mains Failure’ event to the ARC. For systems where ‘Mains Failure’ is not sent to the ARC, the rated current shown in the table MUST be halved and the rated time MUST be doubled.  

1 x 7 Ah battery 0.5 Amps for 12 hours 0.2 Amps for 30 hours
1 x 8 Ah battery 0.6 Amps for 12 hours 0.25 Amps for 30 hours
2 x 7 Ah battery 1.0 Amps for 12 hours 0.4 Amps for 30 hours
2 x 8 Ah battery 1.0 Amps for 12 hours 0.5 Amps for 30 hours

If the Rated Output is exceeded then the Power Supply will no longer meet security Grade 3.


Product Number CS1530
Applicable Standards Type A, Security Grade 3, Environmental Class 2
AC Input Voltage 230v +10% -15%, 50Hz ± 15%
Output Voltage 13.7V ± 0.1V
Output Ripple < 50mV (0.4% @ 13.6V)
Rated Output See table above
APS Battery Type  1 x 7Ah or 1 x 8Ah or 2 x 7Ah or 2 x 8Ah lead acid gel
APS Recharge  <24 hours
Operating temp -10o C to +40o C
Case Size 265 x 320 x 100mm
Weight 3.2 Kg