Fire & Security Case Study Fire Systems

Fire Systems Consultancy Ltd are the Land Distributor for Autronica Fire Alarm Systems for the UK and Ireland. They provide Consultancy, Design and Maintenance for Hospitals, Aerospace/ATC, Power Generation, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Banking Sectors. The company wanted a reliable option to use on their automatic Fire Monitoring installations. After several successful installs and great results from both the Product and the Installer Application, Fire Systems Consultancy Ltd have decided to exclusively use DualCom Pro Fire and the My Base App.

The My Base App enables Installers to manage their estate of DualCom Pro devices. It is compatible with all variants of the DualCom Pro range, including the EN54 Fire variants.

By using the My Base App, Fire Systems Consultancy Ltd now have total confidence that the system is working correctly as they can easily see the signal strength of each device. This allows them to monitor any low signal levels and arrange an on-site visit if necessary, to make slight aerial adjustments. This early warning reduces the chances of a signalling failure and ensures the end-user isn’t left unprotected.

Fire Systems Consultancy Ltd have found that by using the DualCom Pro Fire range’s 4G variants, the potential issues that come from using a fixed telephone line are negated and this provides a much smoother customer experience. In addition, engineers have benefitted from the ease of set-up. By connecting the signalling outputs and using the learn button on the DualCom Pro device, the system can be deployed in just minutes.

“The DualCom Pro range is now our preferred alarm signalling solution. The simplicity and effectiveness of the device are a welcome change from the older 12v STU types. As we move towards Digital Voice and the loss of analogue lines, the 4G only or 4G/4G offerings by CSL, are the easiest and most cost-effective option to implement. This, coupled with the My Base App, provides our engineers with the information they need at a glance”.

Kieran Kavanagh, Regional Engineering Manager, Fire Systems Consultancy Ltd