Elderly Care Telecare ESS

ESS are a trusted company with 47 years of experience in the security industry. Thousands of commercial and domestic customers rely on ESS to robustly protect their people and property. As an established and accredited security provider, ESS has been proactive in preparing for the UK’s transition to a fully digital service as a part of the All IP (Digital Voice) project. These changes are extremely important to ESS as they will have a major impact on security systems, telecare systems and all things that customers need to use in event of an emergency.

ESS have started upgrading their legacy digital communicators to DigiAir Pro – the ideal and professional upgrade for any single-path system reliant on PSTN lines. DigiAir Pro meets the latest European standards for SP levels, including SP2 for Intruder & SP3 for Fire and is also compatible with CSL Live and the My Base App. It is a wireless signalling device that utilises a 4G Radio path or a LAN path to signal an alarm. The device is provided with a standby SIM as a backup to safeguard ESS’s system if the active SIM fails for any reason. Both SIMs operate independently for total resilience, not forgetting that the device is also future-proofed.

“DigiAir Pro has provided us with the latest technology to update our older systems reliant on PSTN. With many exchanges throughout the UK already moving towards digital voice (in some parts of Northern Ireland the migration is already completed) we knew it was important to act now to ensure our customers retained their full monitoring services.”

David McCullough, Director, ESS