Critical Connectivity IoT Alarms Case Study

Enfield Alarms faced a growing challenge of needing to upgrade legacy control panels in their estate, but without the expensive costs that are associated with replacing an entire system. Increasingly, customers were also demanding access to an end-user app. These apps provide remote access to and control of their alarm system, but more importantly offer visibility and awareness, via push notifications, if their system is activated.

Enfield Alarms decided to upgrade all their bells-only systems to MiniAir, providing their customers with access to the My Home Alarm App. MiniAir provides an easy installation as the solution arrives pre-configured, meaning it is less disruptive for Enfield Alarms’ customers. Due to its size, it can easily be installed into any existing or legacy control panel.

Enfield Alarms found that their customers were happy to pay an increased monthly or annual fee for the reassurance the My Home Alarm App provides. Moreover, in upgrading their bells-only installations, Enfield Alarms were able to build further recurring revenue opportunities for the business.

"MiniAir and the My Home Alarm App provide our customers with the visibility, awareness and control they are demanding from a modern alarm system”.

Michael Keenan, Owner of Enfield Alarms, Enfield Alarms