Smart Cities Case Study

As part of the UK and Ireland’s Telephone Network Upgrade (All IP and the Copper Switch-Off), they recently undertook an upgrade programme for their older digital communicators. Most of these were using legacy panels, which limited options for the upgrade as customers were reluctant to pay to replace the entire system. MiniAir 2 provided McElwaine Security Services with the perfect solution for this, as it is a single-path signalling solution that utilises a 4G/LTE-M path. This means it does not need a PSTN connection to signal an alarm from a protected premises to an ARC. It also comes with a standby SIM as a backup to safeguard the system. It also offers compatibility with most legacy panels and the installation is super-fast. Simply remove the existing phone line from the digital communicator and connect the MiniAir 2 in its place.

“We are delighted that MiniAir 2 has offered us a solution to upgrade all our customers ahead of the All IP/Copper Switch-Off project. Our customers now have an up-to-date device fitted that is futureproofed and cost-efficient.”

Jason McElwaine, Managing Director, McElwaine Security Services