Cloudforests was founded in 2020 with a mission to create more native woodlands and increase biodiversity across Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way. The social enterprise's aim is to tackle the adverse effects of climate change. Cloudforests now own five forest creation sites across the west coast of Ireland,  consisting of almost 50,000 trees! Through partnering with businesses, they committed to reaching Net Zero. 

Cloudforests wanted to promote their work and showcase their sites by offering subscribers real time, livestream footage to their YouTube channel. With their sites being in remote locations around Ireland, they were unable to source a fixed-line broadband option to provide the connectivity they needed to achieve this. As a leading provider of Critical Connectivity along with our longstanding reputation within the security industry, they identified CSL as the ideal candidate to provide this solution.

With a CSL Router in place, and utilising Axis Communications' Cameras, data is sent via an unlimited data 4G SIM, providing an encrypted connection to the internet from the Cloudforest sites, to the streaming service. The SIM is tailored for the data usage and provides remote access for 24/7 management. This means Cloudforests can always ensure the livestream is working, but also avoid any unnecessary journeys to the sites to perform maintenance or test the system. This helps to further reduce the negative environmental impact, something that is a key part of the organisation's mission.

As part of our sustainability objectives, we have recently partnered with Cloudforests as a CoolPartner to support their inspiring mission for a greener future. We are committing to a sustainable future for our business, staff, customers and partners, and saw the opportunity to become a CoolPartner as a great way to continue on this journey.