Brook Security Smart Signal Analyser

Founded in 1994, Brook Security have been protecting homes and businesses across the South East for over 25 years. They’ve been proactive in preparing their customers for the UK’s transition to a fully digital service as part of the All IP project. Until a few years ago, Brook Security’s customers still had systems connected via PSTN using digital communicators. In order to make this change, Brook Security encouraged their customers to upgrade their devices by assuring them that it would future proof the system.

CSL’s Signal Analyser was used to check if each site was able to upgrade to a radio solution. The sites that were successful had CSL’s DigiAir Pro installed, ensuring that customers had an up-to-date device fitted that would work beyond 2025. Brook Security also managed to complete upgrades during maintenance visits to each site with no extra cost to the end-user. With this upgrade, customers don’t need to worry about a price increase for their insurance as the grade of the system remains the same or increases.

Of a base of around 300 digital communicators, 90% have already upgraded to DigiAir Pro.

“CSL’s DigiAir Pro has allowed our customers to upgrade their devices to the latest technology, avoiding any interruptions with their connections after the “Big Switch Off” in 2025. It’s reassuring for our customers to know that Brook Security is providing the most up-to-date devices for their connection.”

Terry Roffey, Managing Director, Brook Security