4G Router Solution Rugby Club Case Study

They were looking for a solution that provided not only crime prevention and user safety but also peace of mind and additional security for the building. The gym had no broadband available and the property owner lived on a separate site away from the location.

Border Safeguard chose the CSL Router which offered secure 4G Connectivity as well as remote access to the system. The site itself had no wired broadband available and to install a dedicated line would have been very expensive. Instant deployment of the solution was a critical requirement and Border Safeguard completed the installation without any major impact to the facility. With this wireless solution the installation was completed easily and quickly with only a power supply required to set up the Router.

Selkirk RFC were especially thankful for the CSL Router following reports that gym equipment was left in an unsafe manner, putting members at risk. Had it not been for the CCTV system and the remote access provided by the CSL Router, Director of Rugby Ewen Robbie would not have been alerted. Luckily, having been able to view the site remotely, he was able to get to the facility within minutes to address the issue and prevent any injuries. In addition, since having the CCTV system installed, the staff have also utilised the system to identify a number of different incidents that needed their immediate attention.

“The safety and well-being of both the players and the community members using the gym area is very important to us. Had it not been for the CCTV cameras and remote access provided by Border Safeguard and CSL, someone could have been seriously hurt.”

Ewan Robbie - Director of Rugby - Selkirk Rugby Football Club.