Ambush PSTN switchover

Ambush Security Systems have been proactive in preparing for the UK’s transition to a fully digital service as a part of the All IP (Digital Voice) project. Many of their customers still had systems connected to and signalling via PSTN using digital communicators. In order to ensure all their customers could continue to receive the best service possible, and a guaranteed Police response, Ambush decided to upgrade all their remaining PSTN customers to CSL Connected.

Ambush have been upgrading systems to radio only solutions, such as DigiAir Pro, for many years. The remaining systems in their portfolio, that are connected to PSTN, are often located in areas where mobile signal is limited. They have therefore taken the decision to use the All IP project as the optimum moment to upgrade the entire system to include a new panel and CSL Connected – radio only.

CSL Connected is the ideal signalling solution for new installations, as it utilises the panel’s communication hardware, providing connectivity directly to the ARC via our Gemini Global Platform. This means a quick installation for the Installer and less disruption for the end-user.

Additionally, CSL Connected provides the manufacturer’s end-user App as well as professional monitoring. This is important to Ambush, as the App provides increased visibility for customers and the professional monitoring allows for Police Response – something Ambush insist their customers to have as standard.

“CSL Connected provides us with the ideal signalling solution for our recent systems upgrade programme. Our customers understand that their older systems will no longer work once All IP comes into effect and this solution enables us to continue to provide the highest level of service.”

Georgia Riley, Associate Director, Ambush Security Systems.