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CSL – IoT Router & SIM Service Description

1. Service Description For CSL IoT Router (Customer Managed) & SIM Bundle

The provisions of this Service Description form part of the Agreement comprising the CSL General Terms and Conditions and the Order Form.

2. Definitions

Capitalised terms in this Service Description shall have the same meanings as in the CSL General Terms and Conditions and in addition the following terms shall mean: -

Cellular/wireless means mobile data communications technology provided over 2G, 3G, 4G, or 5G (or similar) networks
CPE means customer premises equipment; CPE is purchased outright for this service and is therefore treated as “Purchased Equipment” under the General Terms and Conditions
Customer Device means the Customer equipment to which remote IP communication is required, such as without limitation a digital video recorder or access control system  
Incident any fault, incident or problem which affects the Service provided to the Customer, excluding any fault, incident or problem with any other CSL service purchased under separate Service Terms
IP means internet protocol a suite of open architecture protocols that allow data communication over disparate networks
Service means the service described in paragraph 3.1
Working Days Monday to Friday, 08:30-18:00 hours excluding Bank Holidays in the UK
Warranty Warranty period is 24 months excluding:
        Batteries – 6 month warranty
        Accessories (e.g. Antennas) – 0 month of warranty

3. Service Description

3.1 The IoT Router & SIM provided by CSL utilises a cellular data component (2G/3G/4G/5G) to provide an internet based end-to-end communications path between remote Customer sites and their data centres or host applications (the “Service”).

3.2 In combination with the CPE, the Service utilises a public internet cellular connectivity.

3.3 The Service will consist of the following core components:

(a) Supply of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

(b) Cellular data service to the site capable of either a single or multi-network roaming connectivity.

3.4 The Minimum Term for the Service is 12 months unless otherwise specified in an order.

4. Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

4.1 CPE will be shipped with an active SIM card in box and a factory CPE configuration.

4.2 CPE will be shipped to an agreed central Customer location for subsequent distribution by the Customer as applicable to their own site installation locations/resources/engineers.

4.3 It is the responsibility of the Customer to carry out all CPE installation and configuration activities as per any agreed installation guidelines provided by CSL and/or the CPE manufacturer, including any power requirement and ancillary items such as high-gain antenna etc.

4.4 It is the responsibility of the Customer to procure and hold spare CPE.  In the event that a CPE has been found faulty through a reported incident, the Customer shall be responsible for visiting the site to replace the faulty CPE with one of their own spares.

5. Service-Specific Conditions Of Use

Wireless Path Components

5.1 For supply of Cellular components to site, the following clauses shall apply:

(a) All Cellular components are subject to coverage availability at the site.

(b) Cellular services may be subject to network roaming agreements between Mobile Network Operators and are subject to change.

(c) It is the Customer’s responsibility to carry out a high-quality installation of appropriate high gain antenna to establish and maximise CPE signal coverage at the site.

(d) CSL shall use its reasonable endeavours to provide the Cellular service, but CSL's ability to do so may be affected by factors which are beyond its control including:

i. over-utilisation or congestion of the Cellular radio network;

ii. geographic or atmospheric conditions; and

iii. the availability of any underlying mobile network operator’s service.

 Backhaul Components

5.2 For supply of backhaul, the following clauses shall apply:

(a) Backhaul will be limited to public internet cellular connectivity; additional management and VPN services access can be provided by CSL on request and subject to an additional fee.

(b) It is the responsibility of the customer to configure and manage any additional management and VPN elements.

5.3 Cessation of Service

(a) Following termination of the Service, the Customer will be issued with a final bill, which will be calculated and sent out to the Customer once all outstanding Charges, including any recovery charges have been identified.  This may take up to eight weeks. 

(b) If the Customer is terminating the Service in respect of any Connection, the Customer will lose all service components purchased under these Service Specific Terms in respect of that Connection unless they have made arrangements to have their service transferred to another service provider. 

6. Fault Management

6.1 The customer is wholly responsible for the troubleshooting and management of the CPE utilising the CPE manufacturer’s own support services where needed. At CSL’s discretion, CSL may assist where possible by granting the customer access to the CPE manufacturer’s troubleshooting and fault diagnostics portal.

6.2 CSL will only carry out fault management, as detailed below, on the wireless path.

6.3 CSL will provide a technical support desk to the Customer which is available on Working Days.

6.4 The CSL technical support desk is a second level support environment. Before reporting an Incident to CSL, Customer shall conduct appropriate investigations to establish its cause, including all initial troubleshooting activities in line with manufacturer recommendations and documentation.

6.5 Customer shall procure such co-operation from users and from any of its third-party providers as is reasonably requested by CSL to assist in the management of Incidents.

6.6 If the Customer reports a fault in the Service CSL will respond by:

(a) providing advice by telephone or email, including, where appropriate, tests and checks to be carried out by the Customer; 

(b) where possible, carrying out diagnostic checks from CSL premises including Cellular connectivity testing.

6.7 Incidents may be reported at any time; however Incident resolution will only occur during Working Days.

6.8 The Customer must appoint approved points of contact responsible for accessing the CSL Support Desk.

6.9 CSL may temporarily interrupt the Service to carry out Planned Works. CSL will notify the Customer where possible of any Planned Works. “Planned Works” means CSL-initiated changes to the Service or those initiated by the underlying providers of the Cellular communications bearers (e.g. for essential maintenance or network upgrades). CSL will use reasonable endeavours to minimise the Planned Works and any subsequent disruption to the Customer. The Customer is responsible for notifying its users or other relevant third parties of any Planned Works.

6.10 The Service does not include: 

(a) the provision or repair or maintenance of Customer Devices;

(b) the provision or repair or maintenance of Cellular signal coverage to the Customer site; or

(c) on-site installation, repair or maintenance of the CSL supplied CPE;

 7. Responsibilities Of The Customer And CSL

 CSL Responsibilities

7.1 CSL will provide the Customer (or its subcontractor if applicable) with such instruction, advice and guidance in relation to the installation of the Service as CSL deems reasonable.

Customer Responsibilities

7.2 The Customer either itself or acting through its subcontractor (if applicable) will;

(a) be responsible for any work required to install and commission the Service at the site;

(b) install and maintain in good working order the CSL supplied CPE including the SIM Card in accordance with any instructions provided by CSL or the third-party communication network provider; and

(c)   will carry out signal strength surveys and take due account of the wireless signal strength available at an end user’s premises prior to ordering the Service and take appropriate measures when positioning aerials to ensure the correct operation of the Cellular component of the Service. Obtaining suitable signal strength may require the use of extension cabling and/or higher gain aerials.

8. Warranty

8.1 Customer is responsible for all CPE troubleshooting including the replacement of faulty CPE from their stock.

8.2 Where the CPE remains within its warranty period CSL will either;

(a) Provide a return to base warranty repair/replacement service.

(b) Facilitate the customer with access to the manufacturer’s portal to complete the warranty return of any devices.