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31 March 2021



ECHO (Electronic Call Handling Operations) has confirmed that the first two Police Forces, the Metropolitan Police Service and Essex Police, have issued notice to registered ARCs to become ECHO-connected by 1st October 2021. From this date, both police forces expect all alarm signals from approved ARCs to be transmitted via the ECHO platform. ECHO states that this will increase the speed of the police response by between 1 and 4 minutes. ARCs passing alarm signals via telephone call handlers may not be accepted from this date and at best will be subject to call handling delays.

CSL has worked closely with the project team and wider industry as an ECHO partner and our entire Alarm Signalling Range is ECHO-ready. This means that any CSL product that you have installed or are installing will benefit from the faster Police response times that ECHO provides.

CSL are also an ECHO Platform Integrator, providing the connection from the ARC’s Alarm Management System (AMS) to the Police via the ECHO Platform. We are experts in end-to-end connectivity and the secure delivery of alarms and data from the protected premises to the ARC. We have been providing secure connectivity for over 25 years, supporting over 1 million M2M/IoT devices and our platforms handle 4 billion events each month.

 To discover more, please visit the ECHO website.

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