28 August 2019


This month Simon Banks talks to Craig De-Lara. Craig has worked for several leading professional Monitoring Centres over a 15-year career in the Fire & Security industry.

What are the latest opportunities you see for the professional monitoring market in the UK?

As the consumer demands more, developers, manufacturers and tech enthusiasts continue to push the boundaries of innovation and as such the opportunities are endless for an open minded, dynamic and adventurous monitoring provider. The evolution of technology is fascinating, smart devices, smarter homes, self-driving cars and now smarter cities – all through the continued growth of IoT.

Traditional monitoring services are second nature for an experienced and reputable monitoring provider; however, from what I’ve seen, very few at present are prepared to push the boundaries into new and innovative monitored solutions, “bespoke monitoring” as I like to call it.

Many Monitoring Centres boast the NSI Gold ARC accreditation, but the term ARC does not compliment those developments, nor the opportunities. I’m seeing a growing trend in monitoring providers opting for an alternative description, such as Innovation or Technology Centre, so maybe an early indication of where professional monitoring services will be in the future.

New technologies are coming thick and fast. What new products are exciting you most?

If I was to look at traditional monitoring services, it goes without saying that the commercial decision by CSL to acquire and merge the market leading brands, hardware and technologies into the new DualCom Pro Range has certainly provided a great bit of equipment, but the list of emerging technologies is endless.

Having recently spent some time at the Motorola London HQ, I’m also excited by what they have and continue to develop with their Next Generation Integrated Command & Control platform, the acquisition of Avigilon and its technologies, not to mention several others has truly demonstrated how serious they are.

For me the key is to be structured in a way that a business can react to emerging technology on the way up, being inquisitive and fearless with trying something new in isolation and not only once it becomes a market preference.


“Great company, and really fantastic products having used almost all of them. Tech support is very good, as is the ease of installation of CSL’s products. I look forward to using the new DualCom Pro range”

David Conyers (CBRE) – Facebook post - April 10

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