05 November 2019


This month Simon Banks talks to Jonathan Parker, Managing Director at EDSB Group of

Companies. EDSB are a national provider of Fire & Security, Electrical, Mechanical and Building

Services based in Leeds.

EDSB has experienced lots of recent success. How has that been achieved?

We are one team made up of experienced Fire & Security personnel, who collectively have hundreds of years of valuable industry awareness. I am fortunate to work alongside many key staff members who share my enthusiasm for unbeatable customer service and a focus on delivering the highest level they can achieve. Our fantastic client base is made up of many major organisations across the UK, who have experienced our 'strive to deliver' and as a result have re-paid that faith by renewing their contracts year after year.

What latest technologies are you focusing on?

We have several technological developments running right now which are either internal or customer facing, and we see these as a huge contributor to our business becoming more streamlined. Over the past 12 months we have rolled out a vehicle management system, helping to improve efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint. The sales department have also started using a state-of-the-art CRM platform to manage their accounts even better. This is a favourite of ours, as we want to make sure we visit all clients regularly and not only provide them with the latest industry updates, but also ensure we are acutely aware of our own performance.

Over the summer we began a rollout with the WebWay range from CSL, and this has been hugely beneficial to some of our biggest clients across the UK. They are now able to monitor their own signalling status as well as manage their own estates more closely. They can use this as a Building Control System, observing opening/closing times and perform weekly tests to ensure they are on time and compliant. We are delighted with the feedback we have already received after the initial rollout and look forward to offering this product to many more EDSB clients to show that we are here to support them every day.

Fire compliance has been high on the agenda over the past few years. How much of a role has this played for EDSB?

We have an internal mantra here: ‘Compliance is Key, at EDSB’. We have always focused on Fire Compliance and our clients trust our business to protect their estates and to keep them compliant. There have been a high number of publicised fires in various environments over the past few years, influencing a shift in our clients’ behaviour. Ultimately every business has a responsibility to understand Fire Compliance and to have the correct level of contingency in place should it ever affect them.

The EDSB Group opened a Design & Training Centre back in July with the aim of providing our staff with the right amount of knowledge to follow compliance. We are now hosting FIA training sessions and have already held several Fire Compliance CPDs with a handful of our major clients. This is crucial in our company ethos as we are not only maintaining and monitoring our client's systems, but we are also educating them on remaining compliant as legislation evolves. Although it might sound cliché, we provide our clients with a total partnership and I believe this is a huge part of our longevity and growth in the industry.


"[CSL’s Dual SIM Router] really helped me out earlier this year when the client’s broadband failed”

Scott Beresford (Electronic Fire & Security Ltd) – LinkedIn Post – Aug 1

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